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Vietnam Medals

Medals of Honor are bestowed on people who have performed exceptional acts of bravery or achievements that are above standard, and become something that can be proudly worn to show others. If you are a collector seeking rare medals or someone who has earned a medal and now lost it after moving or perhaps due to a natural disaster, you will be delighted with Alan's Medals. We have every type of medal you can dream of, from rare Vietnam medals for serviceman who served during this conflict to World War I medals, and we are constantly adding new types of medals as soon as we find them. When you attend special occasions in your military uniforms, then no doubt, you wear your medals proudly, and if you should seek replacement medals because your ribbons have become faded or your Vietnam medals worn down, then you can easily find a replacement medal from us.

Collectors of Vietnam medals will be delighted to find we have a complete selection, and should there be particular medal type not in stock, you are welcome to contact Alan's Medals and we will do everything possible to locate it for you. The Vietnam War is a conflict that will stay in the mind of Americans forever, and during this time many soldiers went above and beyond the call of duty, afterwards being awarded medals for these outstanding acts. Vietnam also awarded medals and decorations to their soldiers and you will also find that we have these types of Vietnam medals for collectors available as well.

With South Vietnam no longer being an official country, Vietnam medals from this period have become highly sought after by collectors of medals, and you will pay premium prices for them. Alan's Medals has unearthed many Vietnam medals from every nook and cranny, so collectors will be thrilled to find our Vietnam medals are outstanding value for money. You can now use the convenience of Internet technology to order your Vietnam medals while stock is available. We have distinguished service order Vietnam medals, citation medals, and Ho Chi Minh Vietnam medals from North Vietnam available, with new ones being added when they are found.

Alan's medals are all available from approved suppliers of medals, so you can rest assured that they are all completely authentic, and you can choose miniature medals or full size as you prefer. If you are just looking for replacement ribbons for your Vietnam medals, which can be extremely hard to find, you will also be delighted to find that we have a vast selection. Ribbons are apt to fade and become brittle over the years, and now you can renew them by ordering what you want from us. After over a decade of being involved in the trading of medals, you can rest assured of dealing with the experts. If you would like to find out about any particular Vietnam medals, then browse to the links provided or use the contract details on our website to find out more.

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